Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Busy Few Months

Well hello again! It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been so incredibly busy this last little while I can hardly believe it's been 5 months since I last posted an update. I have been without an internet connection for 4 of those months though, which hasn't helped really! Life has changed quite a bit since I saw you last...

I have moved into my own little house!

It's a little cottage on a working farm not an awfully long way from where I've always been. Except that it's out in the countryside! It's so beautiful and peaceful here, and the whole place is buzzing with wildlife. There are hares, roe deer, owls and foxes, and last night I had a little baby hedgehog snuffling around the garden! The land's quite flat here, and the view stretches on for miles and miles.

Moving in and getting settled was hectic and just a bit stressful, but this last month or so it's really properly been starting to feel like home. I'm having great fun adding little finishing touches to the newly-painted walls, flowers to the window-sills, roses to the garden...

But there was something missing.

There was no-one to talk to.

Until I found Charlie.

Now I have all the company I can handle!

He's a right little maniac, but I love him!

There's not been much time (or peace!) for crafty stuff in all these months, but my creative side's been getting more of a look-in over the last couple of weeks. I've finally managed to locate some Rowan Pure Wool DK in elusive Hydrangea (shade 27). It's been discontinued, but thanks to Jannette's Rare Yarns (who I can highly recommend, by the way!), work on the border of my Attic 24 (not-quite-so-big) Big Blanket can finally continue. It's been a year in the making, on and off, so I'm feeling ready to get it finished!

(Apologies for the picture quality on that one!) I started out making it for a single bed, but I've upgraded my sleeping arrangements (finally), so I have no idea where its home is going to be. Though apparently these little houses cost a fortune to heat in the winter, so it will probably be wrapped around me most of the time.

There's still a lot of work left to do to make this place really lovely. There's painting to be done, and the garden's not quite finished. More on that next time though. Charlie's woken up, and he's attacking my laptop and trying to eat my Wotsits!

It's good to be home!

Carrie xx


  1. Carrie!!
    Its so great to finally hear from you!
    Your new cottage looks lovely and of course the highlands is such a beautiful place to live anyway.
    Charlie looks great fun, I love kittens they're so much fun, I'd love to get one but Coco might take offence at an interloper in her territory!
    Your blanket looks lovely too and very very cosy!
    Take care.
    Em xxx

  2. Hello there! So nice to see you again. Your little cottage looks really lovely, so homely! Your new little friend Charlie is beautiful, as is your blanket. Look forward to hearing more about your cottage. Enjoy!Ros

  3. I wondered what you were up to!! Congrats on your new home - it looks lovely. And think of all the knitted things you can make to give it a homely touch! Charlie is adorable - look forward to seeing and hearing more about him soon!

  4. You've certainly been busy! Your cottage is beautiful and so is Charlie! The blanket is gorgeous, good luck with the rest of it.

  5. oioi!

    i was just wandering about on the whole internet there and i thought to myself, now, why don't i give my cousin a shout?

    i must say your house is looking well nice. i'm in a reasonably nice house slap in the middle of town but still on it's own seperate so i only really have the one neighbour, and she's dead quiet.

    i see you've gone and got yourself an inkle loom, it's good to see, i never got round to that myself.

    as for me, i'm swimming in complicated 24-shaft patterns in my spare time and trying to figure out how to do all sorts of weird complicated science nonsense with woven fabric. it's a lot of fun, but completely not any part of the curriculum at all. it makes me feel terribly clever though.

    i'm going to try to find out your email address the now, if i do then i'll send you an email, if i don't then i'll try getting hold of your phone number tomorrow.

    either way it seems likely that this won't be the first thing you read. hum

    i'm wittering now, i'll wander on . .