Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Inkle Weaving

I've been inspired to dust off my poor neglected little inkle loom lately. I made some bookmarks to practice pick-up patterns, and they came out not bad! (someone even bought one of them!)

The cats give me no peace at all in the house to do anything crafty, so I was lucky to get a couple of sunny days to give it a proper go in peace and quiet.

I made a guitar strap, that I'm really very proud of :) ....

And now I'm making some more practice bookmarks to try and get used to this more complicated pick-up pattern. I thought I'd be able to knock a few of these out pretty quickly, but I was wrong! This takes forever! It doesn't help that I'm using a lolly-pop stick as a pick-up stick. I bought a lovely little handmade pick-up stick on etsy, which arrived yesterday. Unfortunately I made the mistake of leaving it on top of the parcel on the kitchen worktop overnight, and when I woke up this morning it was gone. I found it under the shoe mat, chewed to bits by kittens (Pixie - I know it was him!). So it's back to the lolly-pop stick till I can afford a new one.

It's nice to be making things again. I have 10 days off work soon, so might actually get some time to do a bit more!

C xxx