Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Inkle Weaving

I've been inspired to dust off my poor neglected little inkle loom lately. I made some bookmarks to practice pick-up patterns, and they came out not bad! (someone even bought one of them!)

The cats give me no peace at all in the house to do anything crafty, so I was lucky to get a couple of sunny days to give it a proper go in peace and quiet.

I made a guitar strap, that I'm really very proud of :) ....

And now I'm making some more practice bookmarks to try and get used to this more complicated pick-up pattern. I thought I'd be able to knock a few of these out pretty quickly, but I was wrong! This takes forever! It doesn't help that I'm using a lolly-pop stick as a pick-up stick. I bought a lovely little handmade pick-up stick on etsy, which arrived yesterday. Unfortunately I made the mistake of leaving it on top of the parcel on the kitchen worktop overnight, and when I woke up this morning it was gone. I found it under the shoe mat, chewed to bits by kittens (Pixie - I know it was him!). So it's back to the lolly-pop stick till I can afford a new one.

It's nice to be making things again. I have 10 days off work soon, so might actually get some time to do a bit more!

C xxx


  1. oh wow, this is so weird :)

    i just bought an inkle loom on ebay, it should be arriving in the next few days, how very synchronous of us, i didn't even know you were doing inkle weaving. I REALLY like the guitar strap, it's well nice, and the knotwork patterns are lovely too.

    Are you going to have a bash at snartemo do you reckon? it's a lovely pattern if you can wrap your head around the idea that practically everyone used swastikas as good luck symbols in the old days before europe went temporarily insane.

    Would you like to borrow my copy of "The Techniques of Tablet Weaving" by Peter Collingwood? I'm not using it at the moment and I could drop it off on the way up north in a couple of weeks if you like.

    You should come up and visit me in my studio when i've got it set up too, it's going to be well cool. I'm going to pretend like I'm a fancy company with money and employees and all that ;)

    anyway, must toddle off, the dog is occupying the main square and threatening to burn down the interior ministry if i don't take her to the woods

  2. Wow! Both the bookmarks and the guitar are fantastic. How clever you are!!!! Nice to 'see' you again :-) Ros