Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Worry Days

This is Truffles, my little lady. She's been sick since Saturday - sleeping all the time and not eating or drinking a thing. I took her to the vet's on Monday morning, and she was kept in for blood tests. Apparently there's something wrong with her kidneys. At first the vet thought it might have been caused by poisoning. She had another appointment this morning, and this time she's found swelling of what she thinks is her gall bladder. Because she's not drinking, we've got to give her a glucose solution through a syringe. She's also got tablets to take, so that's an awful lot of stuff we've got to force down her throat. She hates it, and fights like a fiend. I hate doing that to her when she's feeling so miserable. She just wants to be left alone, but if she gets dehydrated her kidneys could shut down. The vet has sent off more blood to be tested, so hopefully we'll have more answers soon about what's causing it. She has another appointment on Thursday morning, and I really hope she's picked up a bit by then. She's only 4 years old.

My crochet cotton has arrived from Texere, and I think this lot will work well on the inkle loom (though I can see me running out before I've got very far!). I might warp it up tonight, if I can get my head to feel more creative. I've been playing a bit with Baltic patterns using the linen and silk I bought from Texere first time around, but managed to snap one of the linen warp threads. I think I put the warp on too tightly. This cotton seems a bit stronger though.

That's all for today really. Please send your happy, healing vibes to Truffles. I can't stand to see her so sad. :(



  1. Oh dear, poor Truffles. She looks sooo beautiful! It's dreadful when a pet is sick, isn't it, because they can't let you know how they are feeling. I'll be thinking of you and her and sending lots of healing vibes. Let us know how she is getting on. Ros

  2. Oh no poor Truffles,I do hope she's feeling better soon.
    I'm thinking positive healing thoughts for her.
    Love those lovely crochet cotton colours..and can't wait to see the results of your crafting with them.
    *Big Hugs* to Truffles.
    Em xx

  3. I found my way here and paused to hope that Truffles is ok.
    I'd like to see what you create from that beautiful thread.
    The Highlands you live in... that is my Fraternal ancestral home, Campbeltown to be exact.

  4. Poor lamb, I hope she is making goopd progress and feeling better. Such a worry when our precious ones are unwell and Truffles is a beautiful girl.

  5. Poor little Truffles! One of my little cats is the same age. I hope you can nurse her through. I see it's a couple of weeks since you wrote this, do hope things are o.k.

    I like your little inkle loom. The cotton from Texere should make lovely colourful bands.

  6. Thanks for your comments about Truffles! She's doing much better now. All her tests came back negative, and she's eating and drinking properly again. It might end up being one of those things we don't get to the bottom of. I just wish I knew it wasn't going to happen again!

    I started work again on Monday, and I'm knackered, so that's why I haven't updated in a while. I'll make some time to do a proper post this weekend hopefully!
    Carrie xxx

  7. So glad to hear Truffles is on the mend.
    Take it easy.
    Em x