Sunday, 6 December 2009

Busy for Christmas

I haven't finished any projects this last little while, becuase I've been putting all my time into a spontaneous, last-minute christmas present - a ripple lap-blanket for my grandad:
I don't want it to be too big or heavy (his house is always roasting!), so I should have it finished in time, hopefully. Yarn used is Rowan Pure Wool DK in Kiss, Indigo, Honey, Port, and Emerald (hopefully a christmassy combination!).

Here are some other little bits and pieces I've been doing in-between crochet and work...

Updating some garden planters from dead summer plants to shiny new winter ones:
(Little red bells from Paperchase)

Little crochet flowers:

Sitting in my lovely warm car listening to Newton Faulkner while my brother braves a freezing cold howling gale to get a few photographs (it was a lot colder than it looks in the photo!):

And trying to stop Truffs from walking all over my other crochet blanket while I'm trying to block some squares (she's starting to look a bit protective of it!):

Not much else to report this time around. The bookshop I'm working in has gone into administration though, so come the new year it looks as though I'm going to have all the time in the world to finish off all the little projects I have lying around the place!


  1. Oh wow! Your blankets are really gorgeous. I love the colour choices. Who can blame Truffs from wanting to curl up and snuggle in! Your planters are looking very pretty too. I always find it hard to make my winter planters look colourful. You obviously have the 'know how'. So sorry to hear about your job! Both parents of a little boy in my class are in the same position. I guess it's probably the same book store. Such a shame. Ros

  2. I love your blankets. I'm going to really try to improve my crochet next year. And there's nothing nicer than a cat snuggling on a cosy blankie! Your pots look great too. I'm ashamed to say that mine still have (mainly dead!) summer bedding plants in them. Hope you find a new job soon. x